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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

May You Know What It Means To Be Loved - (a blessing)

May You Know What it Means to be Loved wide

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As I may have mentioned last time, I want to finish this series of posts with a blessing.  It might not seem like a blessing in places but read it right through and weigh up whether it’s a blessing you want to receive or not . . . . (scroll down for video version).

May you know what it means to be loved.

May you know in the depths of your soul, the bravery of standing as who you are, the joy of removing that mask, the delight of tearing down those walls.

And yes, may you know too the fear that comes with that, for in knowing this fear and doing it anyway, we learn that we are loved.

May you know the fear of not being accepted, and step out anyway, because you know the One who ultimately accepts you.

May you know the fear of really being seen and step out into the light anyway, because you know the One who Is light.

May you know the anxiety that comes with trying something new, and try anyway because you know the one who promises to go with you.

May you know all these things because you began the journey of knowing what it means to be loved, a journey into the very heart of God.  A journey that begins with loving and accepting yourself.

©Zoe Gregg (Aisling Beatha) January 2014

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That brings to an end the series of posts that were originally written to be used elsewhere.  Check back next week for more from Thoughtful Thursdays.

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Thursday, October 09, 2014

It Is The Dirt On His Feet I Remember - the Prodigal Returns

The Return of the Prodigal Son2

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The painting above is The Return of The Prodigal Son by Rembrandt 

Last week I suggested the idea that the prodigal son was kept away by the idea of living with his father’s disappointment.  Over the last few weeks I have brought you some writing, some thoughts, that open up questions and even doubts and that can be a scary place.  It’s a place that some people would tell you is the opposite of faith and something that will lead you away from God.  It’s a place that can at times FEEL far from God, and can make you feel just like the prodigal son, afraid to live with your father’s disappointment, BUT I honestly believe it is a place where GOD DWELLS WITH US.  It is a journey we do not take alone and we need not be afraid to show our face to God.  We need not be afraid to “come home”, because the doubts and the questions are not the opposite of faith, they are part of it, they are part of the journey God takes us on.
And so we come back to the end of the Prodigal’s journey, and I want to bring you that day from the point of view of someone we don’t usually think of in this story, one of the household servants.  (video at the bottom of the post).

It was the dirt on his feet I remember.  The dirt ingrained so deep I couldn't imagine it ever coming clean.  The dirt that represented the anguish of his heart, his desperation to “come home”. Yes, it was the dirt on his feet I remember.

I didn't recognize him at first.  I mean, he’d been gone so long we thought he was dead.  But the master, he never gave up hoping, looking, watching for his son to return.  And then, there he was, the master I mean, off and running.  I’d never seen a Jewish master run before, and there he was, grabbing up his robes in his hands and running down the hill.  To whom?  To what?  Why was he running?  And then we saw him, this man that the master had obviously seen approaching, this dirty, unkempt man, who had obviously not been living well.  He looked like a slave, not even a household servant like us, just a slave. His skin burnt from working in the sun, and wearing filthy rags. The sandals on his feet had certainly seen better days, they were only just holding together.  And those feet, those dirty feet, yes, it was the dirt on his feet I remember.

Because as the master reached him he saw the master coming and he threw himself at the master’s feet, but the master had turned already to lead him up the hill toward the house.  And so as he knelt before the master, all I could see of him was his back and the soles of those feet.  That’s when I recognised him.  I KNEW those feet!  I had served this family for many years, I had been there the day this son was born, I had bathed his feet each day when he came in from playing as he grew and then from working in the fields with his Father.  If he cut his feet working in the rougher ground, I was the one who tended to his wounds.  I KNEW those feet.  Well, that and the fact that then I heard him . .
“Father, forgive me.” It was an anguished cry, that obviously came from somewhere deep inside.  He wasn't going to be polite, he wasn't going to worry about who did or did not hear, all he wanted was to be allowed to come home. “I don’t deserve to be your son, make me one of your hired servants.”

He was asking to be one of us.  To live like this in the house of his father, to be ordered around by his family, and even by some of us?  How could he be willing to live like that, to accept that in the house where he had once been a son?  I didn't understand, and then I remembered his feet, the depth of dirt that was ingrained there spoke of many days walking home, without knowing what would await him.  He must have rehearsed this speech a thousand times.  I could not imagine what he had done while he was away, what he had been through, but I knew that even this, that he was proposing, must be far better than staying away. Or else, how could he suggest such a thing?

But the master did not wait, did not listen to his son’s protestations, maybe he didn't even hear them, because he grabbed his son by the hands, pulled him up to his feet, and he hugged him.  Another thing I don’t think I’d ever seen a Jewish master do before.  He hugged his son in full sight of anyone who cared to look. In full sight of neighbours, family, friends and servants.  

He brought him into the house and pretty soon we were all busy running around bringing things.  Clothes.  Not just clean clothes, but the best clothes, the sygnet ring that signified authority within the household, the fatted calf for a feast.  And then, as the others ran around preparing meat and bread and all the other food for the feast, the master called to me “The sandals, go fetch the sandals, the best ones from my room.”

So I fetched the sandals and I knelt before him as he had knelt before the master, and I took a bowl of water and a cloth and I bathed those feet again, and slipped on the sandals his father had kept specially, and I swore to myself that I would always remember those feet, those dirty, filthy feet.

Next week I want to share with you a blessing that I wrote last year.

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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Prodigal's Lament

Prodigals Lament

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Thoughtful Thursday Logo Finished

Have you ever wondered what kept the prodigal son away for so long? I mean, after the money ran out, after all his friends had left him, when he resorted to eating the food that was fed to the pigs he was looking after.
I think he was afraid of what would happen if he came back.
I don’t, however, think he was so much afraid of his father being angry with him, or rejecting him, I think it was something a bit different.
Prodigal’s Lament
I want to,
But I can’t,
To Go back,
To beg Him to allow me to stay.
But who am I?
What am I?
The one who walked away.

I regret,
Every day,
That decision I made.
I rue,
Every moment,
Of letting that relationship slide.

I want to,
But I can’t,
To see him again,
To know that look of love.

But He will see me,
And He will know,
Every moment I have lived apart from Him.
None of it was hidden From His eyes.

He will see me,
And He will know,
Every piece of my heart that was given away,
Every idol that took His place.

He will see and he will know
I cannot bear.

If he rejects me?
Turns me away?
If he’s angry, I deserve it.

But to live with His disappointment . .
Burning in my heart . . .
THAT, above all else, I could not bear,
And that is why I CANNOT go home.

© 2012, Zoe Gregg (Aisling Beatha). All rights reserved.

I honestly think his fear was of living with his father’s disappointment.  But the thing is, he didn’t need to be afraid of that.  Read the father’s response, grabbing up his robes and running.  I really would suggest you read that story again in Luke 15, but if you don’t have time don’t panic, because I shall bring you that part of the story next week with a fresh set of eyes.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This Imperfect Life

This Imperfect Life

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Do you ever look around yourself
And think
Is not the life I imagined”?
Is not what I was made for”?
Is not what God has called me to”?

Do you ever look around yourself
And think
“I want
To do so much more”?
“I want
To be so much more”?
“I want
To achieve so much more
For God”?

Did you ever see
a bird of prey
sitting on a lamppost?

Did you ever see
A bird of prey
high above the city traffic?

Did you ever see
A bird of prey
Far from it’s natural environment?
Far from what it was made for?
Far from where God designed it to be?

No open fields for these birds
No cliff top perches
Or mountain crags
No spotting their lunch from a wide open sky

And yet

They thrive.
Not just survive,

And in my heart I know
That in my life,
Your life,
Our lives,

Even when
We are not
Living the life
We think we were MADE FOR

We CAN thrive.
Not just survive,

We can know the joy
Of an open sky
We can know the smile
Of God on high

We can see Him
and be used by Him
Not someday
Not somehow
Right here
Right now
Right in the midst of THIS LIFE

This imperfect life.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bible Story Props - Stone Wall

Bible Story Props: Stone Wall

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I don't quite have step by step photos for this one but I'll do my best to explain.

The first thing you need is a large cardboard box, a strong one too because if you're going to be folding it up, pulling it back out etc over and over again it's going to take a bit of battering.  This one was still in our loft from when someone had an Apple iMac.  Take your box apart, this one was 2 pieces joined at opposite diagonal corners, so we had 2 large pieces. Next turn your box over so that you can paint on the back, the bottom of the box, will fold under in use and not be seen, so that does not need painting. We are just painting the sides and the top of the box.

In use we will be able to either fold the top back for a shorter wall or use tie wraps to stand those up to make a taller wall.  In the picture below you can see what I mean, the top of the box is standing up on the finished piece behind the one being worked on.

Bible Story Props: Stone Wall

The first thing to do is mark out your stones with a pencil or pen.  I did this fairly roughly, glancing at photos of stone walls to give me some idea of shapes.  I wanted this to look as traditional as possible, so there are large stones and smaller ones to fill in the gaps.

You need 3 shades of paint.  I used sample pots of decorating paint rather than fancy art paints and we used about 1 1/2 small sample pots of the lighter colour but less than 1 each of the 2 others.  You need a light colour for the main part of the stones, a dark colour for the gaps in between and something about half way between the two for the shading.

Fill your stones in with your lightest colour, which for us was an off white in a slightly stone looking colour.

The next part can be done in one of two ways.  You need to shade the stones to make them look like stones.  You can either do this in a dry brush method by letting all the lightest colour dry first and then using just a little paint at a time of your medium colour, keeping the brush as dry as possible to do your shading.  That is what happened with the picture above.  Whereas in the picture below I worked the shading as I went along, wet into wet.  I have to say that looking at them now I couldn't tell you which was which, so I would suggest going with whichever method suits you.

Bible Story Props: Stone Wall

Figure out before you begin shading, which direction the light is going to be coming from and then work your shading to be darkest at the opposite side of each stone from that light.  With some of the angled stones that can be a bit tricky, but honestly it's NOT that important, this is a stage prop that people are going to see from at least a little distance, no one is going to notice slight mistakes.

Bible Story Props: Stone Wall

Finally, fill in the gaps with the darkest colour of paint.  This also gives you an opportunity to tidy up any of the edges where you may have slipped and got paint into the gaps or not been as neat as you wanted to.  I used an artists brush at this point with quite a fine tip.

Bible Story Props: Stone Wall

Unfortunately I don't have any photos of it set up because there is not room at home to set it up and get far enough back to get a good shot of it, but the first time we use it, I will try and remember to take a photo and add it to this post.

The two pieces are attached to each other using velcro and as long as you angle the wall in a zigzag, it can free stand by tucking those non painted bottom pieces under if you put something small but heavy in front of each end to stop it falling forward.  If you need it to be a straight wall, you will have to find a way of supporting it or lean it against a wall.  If you want the taller wall, you need to make holes in each corner of the flaps, and use tie wraps through them.  With the wall angled as just mentioned, the flaps should stay upright.

You can also connect it back round into a square when doing stories involving a well or a chimney, etc.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy the Journey

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There is a main road that runs more or less right through the centre of our town. It keeps all the through traffic away from the houses, businesses, etc.
The A442, or Queensway, or Eastern Primary or EP, depending on who you're talking to.

Thousands of cars, vans and other vehicles drive up and down there every day. I drive up or down there a number of times a week, at least for part of it's length. One , long road that gets you from A to B really quickly, keeps you away from junctions, traffic light or anything else that might slow you down. And we all get so focussed on our destinations we are oblivious to what is around us.
From that photo above you might think that well, there isn't that much to look at, so why would you want to be looking at the things you are passing. But there is, oh please believe me that there is.

Quite a few sections of this road run between hills that still have trees and nature as it always was.
And just lately we have been seeing a bird of prey sitting on the top of one of those T shaped lampposts you can see in the photo. I have no idea what type of bird of prey it is as I can't get a photo because this is not a road you can stop on easily or safely, but I know that he is there, and I spot him MOST times I travel up that stretch of the road.

One day we were really blessed to see 3 of them in a short stretch of the road and one of them actually swooping across the road to land on the lamppost. Another day I spotted him sat on the same lamppost as a magpie, unusual because the other birds won't usually go anywhere near them. This magpie was sat at one end of the arms of the lamppost and the bird of prey was sat about half way along the other arm. Normally I see him sat square on the lamppost facing along the road one way or the other. But this day he was sat at an angle, almost as if he was eyeing up the magpie and wondering if he would make a nice lunch. It made me smile.

There are so many people using this road every single day and the vast majority of them don't even know these birds of prey are there. They've never "seen" them. And that makes me so sad. We have become so focussed on our destinations, so focussed on getting to where we want to be that we have forgotten to look around ourselves and enjoy the journey.

Bewildered Deliverer,
What is this "emptiness" you are feeling? I will tell you. You are in transition. In the midst of change there is no choice but to move. In the process of movement, settling in is out of the question. So, of course you feel rootless! A tree being transplanted cannot be rooted until it is planted again in good soil.

Ponder this truth and remember it - there is no way to enjoy the comforts of home and move at the same time. And it is impossible to harvest fruit from a vineyard yet to be.

I know it has seemed like a long journey, but it will be shorter if you keep this in mind: you aren't supposed to feel satisfied where you are. This isn't home. This is travel.

Meantime, why not enjoy the scenery? You will never pass this way again and one day you will cherish the memories of thsi trip, if you will take note of them now. otherwise, you might arrive at point "B" with no stories to tell!


from "From the Father's Heart" by Charles Slagle, published by Destiny's Image.

The image used at the top of this post and in the video are from John W. Iwanski on Flickr, via Creative Commons Attribution.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Really Easy Celtic Knotwork

Really Easy Celtic Knotwork Square

I've been watching some videos over on youtube on how to do really easy Celtic knotwork.  I love how easy he makes the explanation, so I thought I'd show you my notes and first attempts.  First, his introductory video, then you can check out what I have done so far.

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First my notes so that I could remember what he had said in the video.

Really Easy Celtic Knotwork How To

Then some practising, including switching between pointy corners and curved corners as well as learning how to treat a split line.

Really Easy Celtic Knotwork Learning as you go

Really Easy Celtic Knotwork Trying things out

So there you have it, in just a coupoel of hours of watching and playing I have the basics sorted. One of the key points is to keep the same width all the way round. While I managed that on most of those pieces above, once I switched to half the scale on the same paper, I began to struggle as you can see in the cross below.

Really Easy Celtic Knotwork Cross

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I did that cross during church on Sunday. I am used to moving and dancing in worship (a lot) and our church has moved to a building where that is not so easy, so I choose other ways to express myself during worship and this was one of those times. I chose to fracture the cross with split lines in various places. This was to represent the fracturing into more difficult concepts of my previously easy to figure out nice and clear faith.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Staying Away From Church

Why Do We Go To Church

Thoughtful Thursday Logo Finished

Here's a shocker to begin this week's Thoughtful Thursday post - I believe that sometimes you need to stay away from church.   That sometimes, because of the place you are in, it really is the best thing you can do for your spiritual health as well as your physical, emotional and mental health.  I am not suggesting that long term it is beneficial, but in the short term, sometimes it's ok, and more than ok, sometimes it's necessary.  Of course, there have been times when I have not been able to be there for whatever reason and I have been desperate to get back, so I am not saying this is for everyone or even for anyone all of the time, just sometimes . . . .

One thing I have become aware of, however, is that once you have stayed away for one week, staying away for the next becomes even easier.  And if you stay away for two, then, well, the third is even harder to go back.  And so on.   At some point in that journey you get to a point where it might become useful to examine WHY it is you go to church.  Not why people have told you SHOULD, not what you have read as good reasons to go, not why you went in the past, but why you personally do it or would do it if you were to return.

There are many reasons people go to church.  Many reasons that we tell ourselves are our true reasons when really, if we're honest, it's not quite the whole truth.

I guess what I am trying to say is there are 2 questions that look almost the same:
1) Why do we go to church?
2) Why do we REALLY go to church?

I am not saying that any of those answers to the second question are necessarily bad or wrong. What I am saying is be honest with yourself, be willing to examine your own reasons every once in a while, even if you thought you knew what they were in the past, because they might have changed without you even noticing them.

Some reasons to go to church.
- Because God says you should honour the Sabbath and keep it holy.
          -How do we know that church is the only way to do that?  Personally, I don't think it is, I don't think our modern church services were what God had in mind when he gave that commandment. Do I think the sabbath should be like every other day?  No way! Do I have some idea of what I think God meant by "honour the Sabbath and keep it holy"?  Not really, I just doubt that what he had in mind is the same as what we have turned it into.

- To worship God in community with others
          - Of course you can worship on your own, of course you don't need others to do that, but there is something about being together with people of like mind, all worshipping together that is different to worshipping alone.  However if church services are the only time and way in which you worship or the only way in which you understand worship then I think you equally have a problem, because worship is so much more than a few songs on a Sunday morning.

- Because we need to hear of the experiences of contemporary believers.
          - "testimony time" while it can sometimes be cheesy is one way in which we get to hear what our very real God is doing in the lives of some very real people, the ones right in front of us!  I'm not talking about your "how I came to Jesus" stories, I'm talking about your "what God is doing for me this month, this week, in the here and now" stories. Some churches give this opportunity every week, some never do.  Some have you pre submit your testimony, others just make it open mic.  Others have open mic but not all the time.  Have you ever had a testimony burning within you that you are bursting to share and then no opportunity is given?  Yeah, maybe that's why I turned to blogging in the first place and thank God for facebook at times like that hey?

There are a whole host of other reasons, some might be mine, some might be yours, some, I think are good, some might need looking at again, some might be appropriate at one point in our journey and not at others.  Here are just a few more for you to consider, and I offer them merely as that, a list to be thought over and considered, no judgement, just an open hand.

- Because we need regular reminders of the stuff of our faith.
- Because belonging to a community of faith is important.
- Because we are on the Sunday school rota (or coffee rota, or nursery rota, or ushers rota etc) and HAVE TO be there.
- Because we are the pastor and HAVE TO be there. (it happens, I've been told).
- Because we need help in walking this Christian walk.
- Because others need help in walking this Christian walk.
- Because we need to be reminded that God loves us.
- Because others need to be reminded that God loves them.
- Because we need an alternative to the messages of a culture that ignores or even opposes God.
- Because we need to experience artistic and creative expressions of faith, such as music, singing, dancing, visual art, prayer, spoken word, and so on.
- Because we need to reflect on the past week and see it in context of a longer journey with God.
- Because we need a concious break from "self" to focus on God.
- Because this is what Christians do, right?
- Because it feels good.
- To worship God
- To listen to a rousing sermon
- To hear the voice of God
- To grow in knowledge of God's word
- To be prayed for in person
- To pray for others in person and in community with others
- To feed your soul
- To get a break from your kids while they are in Sunday school or the nursery
- Because you miss being around people and are lonely
- To make friends
- To find people who see the world the same way you do
- To Grow as a person
- To serve others
- To set a good example
- For networking
- Because we want our children to be raised going to church
- Because we have something to give even when we think we don't.

Thank you to the other Middle Places Writers who shared some of their suggestions with me.  Like I said, no judgement here, just a list to be considered, to be thought over, prayed over, considered with God.  Notice I did not say "me, you and God", this is just for you and God to consider together. However if you were making this list what reasons would you add?

And if you are considering a return to church I suggest you read this post by my new friend Rachel Oliver:

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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Did You Ever Read a Verse and Think . . . . . . . .

Thoughtful Thursday Logo Finished

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Today I have some difficult questions for you, questions that might make you squirm a little and throw up an automatic “proper Christian response”.  I’m not going to say anything more than that, except, please, don’t give up if it’s uncomfortable, read through to the end, I think it’s worth it.

Did you ever read a verse and think
“Did God really say that?”

Did you ever read a verse and think
“Surely something
was lost in translation”?

Did you ever read a verse and think
“I’m not sure I want any part
of a God who can
Do that
Say that
Be that way.”

Maybe we
Are reading different bibles.

Did you ever read a verse and think
“If THAT is true
They Why
Does My
Life prove the opposite?”

Some would tell me
I just need more . . . . .

More what?
More faith?
More study?
More bible?
More prayer?
More church?

As if adding something more
To our overloaded lives
Our overloaded minds
Our overloaded hearts
And souls

Is going to fix ANYTHING

So maybe we need less.

Less TV?
Less distractions?
Less busy?
Less stuff?
Less . . . . ?
Less, less, less

As if taking something away
From our aching, empty hearts,
The spaces in our souls,
Emphasising what
And who
Is no longer THERE

Is going to fix anything.

It’s like we play
a giant game of Jenga
With our lives.
“Take this from here
And put it there.”
“Take A away a
And add in B.”

All the time waiting
For what seems

Oh come on now,
Surely you know
How this game goes.

But surely
The tower grows
And taller
And taller it goes.
Less and less stable
No longer secure
And taller
And “Be careful”
“Watch out!”
“Don’t dare breathe.”

And everyone
Who’s playing the game
Knows what’s coming,
Even praying
That their move
Won’t be the move
To bring it
Crashing down.

Hoping no one will see
The gaps
The empty spaces
The questions
In their hearts.

“Hold it together”
“Don’t let anyone see”
“Never mention the questions”

Well now
Can see me

Now you know
Now it’s clear
MY tower is not secure

But I know I’m not the only one,
And I know I’m not alone
And I can tell you I’m still hanging on
To the God by whom I’m known

To the God who knows my questions
To the God who hears my heart
To the God who knows
and hears
and loves.

Did you ever read a verse and think
“Did God really say that?”

Did you ever read a verse and think
“Surely something
was lost in translation”?

Did you ever read a verse and think
“Surely He
Can’t love Me

Did you ever read a verse and think
“This God,
This grace,
This mercy,
This love . . . .
This is something I have to have”?
© Jan 2014, Zoe Gregg (Aisling Beatha). All rights reserved.

Do you ever have a day when you feel like your hold on God is loosening?  A day when you wonder questions to yourself that you dare not speak aloud?

If the answer is no, well, good for you, but read on anyway, because one day you might need to know this.

If the answer is yes I have a few words I want to whisper in your ear.
It’s OK, you are not broken, you don’t need to be fixed, this is a valid part of your journey, God still has hold of you and he trusts you to work this out.

But most of all, the thing I want you to know, more than anything else, is


Come back next Thursday for another Thoughtful Thursday post.
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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

SketchNotes at Church

I'm new to the idea of sketch notes and I need a bit of practice, but I had fun with them at church tonight.

I've been struggling with CPAP therapy the last few nights and didn't have the energy to stand and sing, so I sat and sang and sketch noted.

Sketch Notes Tuesday of Prayer Week

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Sketch Notes Tuesday of Prayer Week

Two things.  I find it difficult to draw the icons the way I would want them, when drawing fast enough to be making sketchnotes. And secondly, while I love lettering, I seem to only be able to do two or three fonts from memory.

I'm hoping both of those improve with time.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

God, IF You Are Real, then Please . . . . .

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No explanation today, just something for you to read/watch and consider.

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Prayers of
“God, IF you are real, then please  . . . .”
Are supposed to be saved for unbelievers.

For those “still searching”,
Who don’t know yet.

Then why do I find
asking these questions?

Why am I the one
“God, IF you are real then please . . . . . “?

I’m supposed to have it all together,
I’m supposed to know the answers.
For crying out loud
I’ve been “following” for nearly 30 years.

But I am not alone,
Others have gone before me on this path,

Others far more versed in Loving than me,
Others most would think of as “knowing Him.”

Mother Teresa,
Revered by many,
Loved by thousands if not millions,

We may disagree
on theology,
But surely we
can agree
that she
Follower of God
Lover of the unloveable
Friend of the untouchable

And she,
yes even she,
cried from the bottom of her heart,
“My God, I have no faith,
So many unanswered questions
live within me
Afraid to uncover them,
IF there be God
Please forgive me.”

No, I am NOT alone,
Others have gone before me on this path.

Consider Moses
At the burning bush
Even arguing with God

Or Gideon

Or Job
Was NOT afraid
Ask the questions
Burning in his heart

No, I am NOT alone,
Others have gone before me on this path.

And we read psalms
Where David praises
David rejoices
David cries
David begs
“How long Lord?
How long will you forget me?
Will it be forever?”

No, I am NOT alone,
Others have gone before me on this path.

And so I stand
And so I sit
And so I lie
And so I cry

With the man
Of Mark 9:24



© 2014, Zoe Gregg (Aisling Beatha). All rights reserved.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer Art journal Book Study - Part 9

Here we are at the next season and the next word or spiritual practice in the Brian D McLaren book - "Naked Spirituality", more from the season of perplexity and the word "No!"

Summer Reading Art Journal   Chapter 18 No!
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Sometimes the prayer of aspiration works like a long doorless passageway.  You keep trudging along until you're ready to collapse.  You turn a corner, come to a door, open it and suddenly you're outside.
BUT SOMETIMES it doesn't go that way.  Sometimes the void expands.

Doubters, atheists & sceptics have an important part in the community of faith.  Their "No!" comes from a sadness that a truer, brighter, bigger, better, REAL God isn't showing up, only an imposter.   It's also a refusal to accept the true god's absence.  No!  I will NOT accept this!

This daring word, NO! has more holiness to it than it gets credit for,  Through it we refuse to let God off the hook, we demand not to be abandoned.  We stamp our foot in God's presence. We raise our fist and we say "I will NOT accept this!"

Summer Reading Art Journal   Chapter 19 No!

However one reads the beginning of the book of Job, the middle rings with Job's refusal to paper over the ugly cracks in reality.  SCANDALOUSLY, God agrees with Job.

No! is the response to all that is unacceptable, a refusal to accept everything that is not as it should be, in our worlds, our lives, our emotions, our thinking, our relationships, our situations, NO!  No isn't a rejection of God, it is a refusal to accept the unsatisfying attempts to let God off the hook.  And it's a parallel refusal to give up hope altogether.

No! then is actually a YES! to a deep and pure belief that G-d, if G-d exists, would rather us be honest doubters than hypocritical believers.  AND that if G-d exists, G-d is even more opposed to and heartbroken by the current status quo than we are.  BUT it doesn't feel like a "yes" most of the time,  It feels like death and then it gets worse.

The only sane alternative is to hold the pain, to feel it, to lie down in front of it and let it crash over us and as we do, to voice our protest, disappointment, rage and refusal with No! shouted, screamed, groaned, whispered, however we need to express it, however we have the strength left to express it, No!

So far in this summer journey of reading and exploration I have shared with you

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Living "in Between"

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Learn to "Live in between".

Between is not comfortable,
Between can feel pressed,
Between is neither one thing nor the other.

It is a no man's land,
A place of harsh landscapes
And not belonging.

Living in between
Can leave you exposed on both sides,
Not knowing who to trust.

Living in between
Can make you doubt everything you thought you knew,
Can you even trust yourself?

And yet,
Living in between is a good place
Because something is coming.
And while it might not be here yet,
(well you wouldn't be between if it was),
It IS coming.

Living in between
Can become a place of hope,
Where deep wells are dug.

Living in between
Can become a place of visions and dreams
Where YOU decide what really matters.

Does that make living in between any more comfortable?
It is still a place others find difficult to understand.
It is still a place where,
Digging deep inside yourself,
You never know what you will find.
It is still a place where,
Digging deep inside your faith,
You have no idea what discoveries you might make.

Because living in between
Means facing the questions,
Holding apparently contradictory concepts in tension,
Discovering that who you are might not be who you imagined yourself to be.

What you will find is
Not something to be afraid of.
What you will find is
The real you,
The real Saviour,
The real Father.
What you will find is
A reason to live
REALLY live.

© 2014, Zoe Gregg (Aisling Beatha). All rights reserved.

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