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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Nourishing a Playful Spirit

Let's not talk about how long I have been away from the blog, let's just get on with this . . .

I am so so so blessed!  By combining my Christmas gift from my hubby with my birthday gift from him and adding in the money I made on craft sales in December, I was able to sign up for a 6 month online craft class called Soul Food.  There are 2 classes every week with a wide variety of teachers and I am having a blast.  I think so far I have managed to get something done for about half of the lessons, but that's OK, because we get to download all the class materials and keep them.

The first class was by Mystele and titled Nourish a Playful Spirit.

Soul Food Lesson 1 - Mystele

Mystele used a gel plate to make her first back ground layer. While a gelli plate was also on my Christmas list, Santa didn't bring that, so I had to make my own (watch out for a blog post about that coming soon).

There were then various other layers involved, gradually building up the background, and yes at times it looked like a mess . . .

Soul Food Lesson 1 - Mystele

Soul Food Lesson 1 - Mystele

until finally I got to start figuring out what shapes and faces were there on the page.

She's certainly not got a pretty face, but I really do like her.

Soul Food Lesson 1 - Mystele

Soul Food Lesson 1 - Mystele

Soul Food Lesson 1 - Mystele

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What do you think?

One last thing.  I just have to show you the book paper that I used in the flower/sun in the top right.  My husband has been spending some time out in Germany for work and in November I got to join him for a few days (watch out for a blog post about my travel journal too) and I picked up this awesome book in a second hand shop in Frankfurt for just €2, don't you just love that font?

Soul Food Lesson 1 - Mystele

It's not too late to get involved in Soul Food, check it out.

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