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Sunday, March 09, 2014

More Soul Food Art

What is soul food?  It's a 6 month online creativity class put together by Mystele and a number of other artists and hosted at the Community Thrive site.  I have shared my work for 3 of the lessons so far, first the Nourishing a Creative Spirit lesson and then I shared my work from two lessons in the Soul Food Part 2 post.

Some of the lessons are not entirely new to me so I take a little twist on them to make them a bit different, like the bookbinding lesson, where I did a little twist on the long stitch by copying something I had seen in a photo online.

Soul Food Lesson 4 - Grace Howes

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Some of the lessons inspire me and I end up doing far more than is suggested or at least putting more work into it, like this one where I so loved the idea of stitching into the paper that I did the whole quote by stitching it!


The lesson began with playing with spray inks


then weaving into that piece with some stenciled paper.


More stencil work was done on top of the weaving


and finally the woven piece was mounted onto another piece of paper for more embelishment with paint and stitching.

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