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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Soul Food Part 2

I can't believe I haven't done another Blog Post about Soul Food since that first one, Nourishing a Playful Spirit.

What is soul food?  It's a 6 month online creativity class put together by Mystele and a number of other artists and hosted at the Community Thrive site.

Here's a reminder of my work from the first lesson.

Soul Food Lesson 1 - Mystele

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I was really pleased with that piece and enjoyed doing it.

Some of the other classes have been enjoyable but not so easy and certainly haven't produced results that I am as proud of.  This lesson was about drawing with markers without pencilling anything in first, so that you had to keep whatever happened and just go with it.

Soul Food Lesson 2 - Gwen Seemel

Yeah, there are bits of it I love and bits of it I don't like.  I made another attempt at it and the mouth got even worse than the first one.

I love the lessons that are really based in drawing and painting because they stretch me, but i lvoe the classes that are more paper art based too, like this one:

Soul Food Lesson 3 - Cathy Bluteau

Soul Food Lesson 3 - Cathy Bluteau

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