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Monday, April 28, 2014


Did you know that 1.2 billion people around the world live in extreme poverty?  Extreme poverty means they have £1 or less per day for all their needs. That figure of £1 actually takes account of buying power, so it really is an accurate figure.

This week I am taking part in LIVE BELOW THE LINE to raise awareness of global poverty and raise funds to tackle it.  Live Below the Line challenges people around the world to spend less than £1 per day for 5 days on all their food and drink, to raise awareness of and funds for people living in extreme poverty.

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With Live Below the line you can choose to raise funds for a whole range of charities.  I have chosen the Salvation Army International Development Fund which is working to restore our world by resourcing, empowering and supporting developing communities to defeat poverty and injustice and to enable them to build a better life and future. One of their projects offers micro business loans to women faced with feeding their families while living in extreme poverty.

If you would like to you can sponsor me, but even if you don't plan to do that, please check back later in the week to see how I get on.

Today's Menu

Breakfast - Budget range Lemon Curd on toast made from a budget range loaf.
Well that didn't quite go according to plan - someone else ate the last 2 slices from that loaf of bread SIGH, at least there was another loaf in the freezer and my toaster has a "from frozen" button.  But if I was living this for real and someone else had eaten the last of something, I would have no choice but to make alternative arrangements.

Dinner - Chick Pea and Potato Curry with rice
Actually very tasty and I would happily eat this again.  And it was an amazingly adequate portion size considering the cost.

Overall there have been moments when I've felt a little hungry but nothing major so far.  I have had a headache but that will be caffeine withdrawal I should imagine.  Been drinking as much water as I can and have put a couple of bottles of it in the fridge so I can have cold water tomorrow.


2 slices of budget range bread at 3.6 pence per slice = 7.2p
25g budget range lemon curd at 22p per 400g jar = 1.35p
Total for breakfast = 8.55p

1 carrot = 9p
1/4 onion at 17p per onion = 4.25p
25g red split lentils (from a big pack we already have) = 4.48p
1 tbsp tomato puree at 40p per 200g tube = 3p
1 tsp oil (I'm using a good quality oil because it's what we already have and suffering the cost for it) = 3p
I gave in and added 1/4 tsp salt = 0.5p
Total for lunch = 24.23p

(I am making the main meals for my hubby too but the figures here are for my portion only)
1/2 tin of budget range potatoes = 7p
1/2 tin of chickpeas (bought on 2 for £1 offer with other tin of beans for later in the week) = 25p
1 tsp of ginger paste from a jar at 57p for 283g = 2p
1/2 tsp oil = 1.5p
75g dry weight budget range long grain white rice = 3p
1/2 Chicken stock cube = 5p
100g budget range frozen mixed vegetables at 1.3kg for £1= 7.69p
1 tsp curry powder = 4.6p
1 tsp crushed garlic from a jar at 57p per 283g = 2p
Total for Dinner = 57.79p

Grand total for the day = 90.57p

Hmmm, 1/2 a tin of budget range rice pudding with a spoon of lemon curd works out at less than 10p, so I could have had that as well.  Hhhhhmmmm, maybe tomorrow then.

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