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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hand Made Art Journal from the Soul Food Class 2014

Summer Reading Art Journal

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Remember Soul Food?  Yeah, I fell off the wagon a bit with that one.  Various reasons, none of them important now.  I tidied up in the studio last week because I wanted to get some stuff done and one of those things was to use the journal that I made right at the beginning of Soul Food.  I realised that I had not shown you the making of the journal and so here we are:

It was a Gracie Howes class and I have to say I love all her work, so I was excited to get started.  First we prepped a large sheet of heavyweight watercolour paper.

Soul Food Lesson 4 - Grace Howes

Soul Food Lesson 4 - Grace Howes

Soul Food Lesson 4 - Grace Howes

Then there were layers of paint over the top of all that and finally I cut it in a particular way that would make pockets and flaps later on.  I won't give you all the details because this was a paid for class and that would not be fair.  Then I cut the pages.  In order to use a sheet of paper I already had for the cover I had to make the pages a slightly different size to usual.  They are almost as tall as a sheet of A4, but not as wide.  I alternated in each signature with a sheet of watercolour paper, a sheet of artist paper then another sheet of watercolour paper.  I made 5 signatures and bound them with a long stitch but through a central grommet, which you may have seen on a previous post about soul food.

Soul Food Lesson 4 - Grace Howes

You can see the finished cover at the top of this post.
Inside the front cover there is a flap and if you swing that out, you get this, with a similar pocket on the inside of the back cover:

Soul Food Lesson 4 - Grace Howes

As I said I'm going to finally be using it over the summer (or what is left of it anyway).  What would you use it for if you had a journal like this?

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