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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Art Journal Book Study - Part 3

Yesterday I shared with you, the next few pages in my summer art journal to record my thoughts on the books I am reading/studying this summer.  Most of them are connected in some way with my work and so, strictly speaking this is Continuing Professional Development as well as fun and helpful for me.  Hmmmmm, I wonder if that means I can claim the hours for this on my time sheet?  heeheeeeee

And so on to this set of pages with my notes from the book Naked Spirituality by Brian D McLaren.  We are still in Springtime, the season of simplicity, but now, we have a new word, and two new pages for you.

Summer Reading Art Journal

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Chapter 6 - THANKS - the happiness of appreciation.  The author talks about Gratitude as the greatest secret to happiness but also as something that raises it's fist in the face of consumerism and says "NO MORE!, there is a different way, there is a better way.

Then he talks about reminding ourselves of all the things we have to be thankful for, beginning with our toes, and moving upward and eventually outward from ourselves expanding ever outward, until we have a list that covers the whole world!

Summer Reading Art Journal

Chapter 7 keeps us on the same word, Thanks.  There are two chapters for each "word" or "spiritual practice" in this book.  In this chapter the author talks of the insulation we have in our modern lives from any kind of true dependence on God, like the Israelites had, and how that makes it far more difficult and therefore far more important for us to practise gratitude.

He talks of ways to regularly include being thankful in our lives and he goes on to discuss how to keep practising gratitude even in the face of despair even if it feels like everything is being taken away from you, like Job.

He introduces 3 other words that can be used alongside Thanks.  AGAIN - yes, there are things we have to keep saying thank you for, things that will come up in our lists again and again, day after day even, and we can still practise gratitude without it becoming stale, because AGAIN Lord I will thank you for this, and AGAIN I will celebrate.

The next word is THIS.  It goes along side the thoughts from Again, about keeping those things we always have, those things God continues to give us, in our minds when we are being thankful.  Thank You Lord for This breath, thank You Lord for this time to spend with you, thank You Lord for this taste of whatever it is we are eating.

Finally the word DAYENU, which comes from Hebrew.  It's from a song that has been sung at the time of Passover for centuries.  It brings in the idea of "It would have been enough".  So if God had ONLY brought us out of Egypt, it would have been enough, Dayenu, but He did  . . . . . as well.  And if that was all he had done, it would have been enough, Dayenu, and so on.  God has blessed us over and above anything we could have imagined at times and Dayenu is the perfect word to use at times like those, DAYENU, it would have been enough!

It might be a few days before I have any more pages to share with you, as our printer is still kaput.  It certainly won't be fixed before the weekend, so I will probably have to sort out some images I want to use and send them to Staples to be printed.

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