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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Art Journal Book Study

So here it is, the beginning of the summer book study. Check out yesterday's post to see how I prepared all the pages with colour so that I won't have to face a blank page at any point.

I also made these cool journaling spots, by printing onto paper with a home made gel plate and then cutting them up and drawing borders and printing journaling lines with a home made stamp.

Summer Reading Art Journal

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I'm leaving the front of the front cover flap blank until the end, I will put an index on there to show what is included.  When you open up that flap, I will put a summary of the first book, across the spread that is created by the back of the cover and the back of the flap, although I have already put an introduction to the book on the pocket that holds the journal spots.

Summer Reading Art Journal

Summer Reading Art Journal

Summer Reading Art Journal

I did some reading yesterday morning and then made 3 pages after lunch.

Summer Reading Art Journal

Chapter 1 for me was about the ongoing ordinary, day in day out spiritual experience as opposed to the big dramatic spiritual experiences. With that quote about the layers of religion I couldn't resist including the Shrek picture, especially since the page was already green.  And I also made layers over a heart made from two thumb prints to emphasis the layers point.

Summer Reading Art Journal

Chapter 2 began with the point about people who say they are not religious but they are spiritual and asking them what they really mean by that and summarising their answers.   The author makes the point that actually all these things are at the heart of what true religion was meant to be and all the reasons they don't want to be considered to be religious are the man made structures etc that make up what he calls de-ligion, i.e. something that separates as opposed to re-ligion, something that unites and brings together.

I chose to focus my page on a later part of the chapter about the woman at the well.

Summer Reading Art Journal

Finally, chapter 3, about the 12 simple words that this book breaks the faith journey down into, 12 simple ways of engaging with God, which then break down into 4 sections, or "seasons".

Summer Reading Art Journal

There is a lot less "art" in this art journal than in my usual ones, but I wanted it to be quicker, and easier so that I would be more likely to get it done.  I have a lot of reading to get through this summer and I want to properly engage with it.  Consider it "CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT" if you will.

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