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Thursday, August 28, 2014

God, IF You Are Real, then Please . . . . .

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No explanation today, just something for you to read/watch and consider.

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Prayers of
“God, IF you are real, then please  . . . .”
Are supposed to be saved for unbelievers.

For those “still searching”,
Who don’t know yet.

Then why do I find
asking these questions?

Why am I the one
“God, IF you are real then please . . . . . “?

I’m supposed to have it all together,
I’m supposed to know the answers.
For crying out loud
I’ve been “following” for nearly 30 years.

But I am not alone,
Others have gone before me on this path,

Others far more versed in Loving than me,
Others most would think of as “knowing Him.”

Mother Teresa,
Revered by many,
Loved by thousands if not millions,

We may disagree
on theology,
But surely we
can agree
that she
Follower of God
Lover of the unloveable
Friend of the untouchable

And she,
yes even she,
cried from the bottom of her heart,
“My God, I have no faith,
So many unanswered questions
live within me
Afraid to uncover them,
IF there be God
Please forgive me.”

No, I am NOT alone,
Others have gone before me on this path.

Consider Moses
At the burning bush
Even arguing with God

Or Gideon

Or Job
Was NOT afraid
Ask the questions
Burning in his heart

No, I am NOT alone,
Others have gone before me on this path.

And we read psalms
Where David praises
David rejoices
David cries
David begs
“How long Lord?
How long will you forget me?
Will it be forever?”

No, I am NOT alone,
Others have gone before me on this path.

And so I stand
And so I sit
And so I lie
And so I cry

With the man
Of Mark 9:24



© 2014, Zoe Gregg (Aisling Beatha). All rights reserved.

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