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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Living "in Between"

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Learn to "Live in between".

Between is not comfortable,
Between can feel pressed,
Between is neither one thing nor the other.

It is a no man's land,
A place of harsh landscapes
And not belonging.

Living in between
Can leave you exposed on both sides,
Not knowing who to trust.

Living in between
Can make you doubt everything you thought you knew,
Can you even trust yourself?

And yet,
Living in between is a good place
Because something is coming.
And while it might not be here yet,
(well you wouldn't be between if it was),
It IS coming.

Living in between
Can become a place of hope,
Where deep wells are dug.

Living in between
Can become a place of visions and dreams
Where YOU decide what really matters.

Does that make living in between any more comfortable?
It is still a place others find difficult to understand.
It is still a place where,
Digging deep inside yourself,
You never know what you will find.
It is still a place where,
Digging deep inside your faith,
You have no idea what discoveries you might make.

Because living in between
Means facing the questions,
Holding apparently contradictory concepts in tension,
Discovering that who you are might not be who you imagined yourself to be.

What you will find is
Not something to be afraid of.
What you will find is
The real you,
The real Saviour,
The real Father.
What you will find is
A reason to live
REALLY live.

© 2014, Zoe Gregg (Aisling Beatha). All rights reserved.

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