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Friday, August 01, 2014

Summer Art Journal Book Study Part 4

First, let me say, this is probably the longest and most consistently I have stuck with a creative project in a very long time.  That shows you how much I am getting from this book.  Yes, I am still making art journal pages from my notes on the first book from my summer reading challenge.  No, I seriously don't think I will get through them all, in fact I doubt I will get through more than a couple of them, but that's OK, because at least I am sticking with it.

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So far I have shared with you

Now we are on to another word, the final word from the first section, or season.  

Summer Reading Art Journal

The 3rd word or "spiritual practice" is O!  It's worship!  The author talks of his experience of people, even in desperate circumstances who are still able to experience and express joy.  He talks of that simplest of words, O! as an interjection, or exclamation that can express the widest range of emotion.  That it erupts from within us, often uncontrollably, expressing our reaction to any deep or powerful emotion.

He goes on to talk of worship as an act of the whole being, that unites all parts of us in a joint eruption of joyful love and loving joy.

Summer Reading Art Journal

In the 9th chapter, the author continues to write on the subject of worship, or the expression of delight, O!  He talks about it not being just a word, but being a way of life, that we need to infuse into our whole lives through various methods..

He talks of all the ways we as human beings have found over the years to express that worship or delight, from singing, and dancing, right through to liturgy and amazing architecture.  He points out that even after we have done everything we could EVER think of to do to express that delight, to express that O! of worship, that we would still never be able to do justice to the glimpse of God's awesomeness with which He has graced us.

Keep checking in for more posts on this art journal.  In the next post we will move into the next season of the journey - the summer of Complexity.

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