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Sunday, August 10, 2014


Some thoughts from a few weeks ago.

What if?

What if "Being used by God" doesn't mean "bringing lots of people to the Lord" or "building orphanages in Africa" or "being involved in your local community" or any of the other things with which that phrase comes loaded in our churches?

What if "Being used by God" means being willing to DELVE INTO THE DARKNESS within your own heart and within the hearts of others.  What if it means not hiding it, not denying it, not pushing it under the carpet? What if it means being real, raw and honest about the doubts, about the questions, about all that stuff that we are so good at avoiding.

What if it means not trying to FIX that stuff, but accepting that it's part of the journey and that by acknowledging that stuff, the journey will be richer and deeper and truer and actually closer to God.

We assume that what we see as negative = BAD
that what we feel as negative = MUST BE FIXED
that what we hear as negative = NOT ACCEPTABLE
that what we are told is negative = WRONG

What if we change the way we look at things.  What if
Maybe what you see as negative, what you see as needing to be ditched, maybe that is actually NECESSARY and you just can't see it yet!

Under a cloud?

Maybe we need to stop trying to FIX and learn to BE.  It's not about sitting under the negative like a cloud, or about letting it break you, it's about being willing to engage with it, dig into it, etc.

What if "exercising your faith" means HOLDING ON even when you don't believe, even when you can't believe?  What if it means holding on even when you have big questions, valid questions, questions that you can no longer ignore?  What if?

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