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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This Imperfect Life

This Imperfect Life

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Do you ever look around yourself
And think
Is not the life I imagined”?
Is not what I was made for”?
Is not what God has called me to”?

Do you ever look around yourself
And think
“I want
To do so much more”?
“I want
To be so much more”?
“I want
To achieve so much more
For God”?

Did you ever see
a bird of prey
sitting on a lamppost?

Did you ever see
A bird of prey
high above the city traffic?

Did you ever see
A bird of prey
Far from it’s natural environment?
Far from what it was made for?
Far from where God designed it to be?

No open fields for these birds
No cliff top perches
Or mountain crags
No spotting their lunch from a wide open sky

And yet

They thrive.
Not just survive,

And in my heart I know
That in my life,
Your life,
Our lives,

Even when
We are not
Living the life
We think we were MADE FOR

We CAN thrive.
Not just survive,

We can know the joy
Of an open sky
We can know the smile
Of God on high

We can see Him
and be used by Him
Not someday
Not somehow
Right here
Right now
Right in the midst of THIS LIFE

This imperfect life.

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