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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Prodigal's Lament

Prodigals Lament

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Have you ever wondered what kept the prodigal son away for so long? I mean, after the money ran out, after all his friends had left him, when he resorted to eating the food that was fed to the pigs he was looking after.
I think he was afraid of what would happen if he came back.
I don’t, however, think he was so much afraid of his father being angry with him, or rejecting him, I think it was something a bit different.
Prodigal’s Lament
I want to,
But I can’t,
To Go back,
To beg Him to allow me to stay.
But who am I?
What am I?
The one who walked away.

I regret,
Every day,
That decision I made.
I rue,
Every moment,
Of letting that relationship slide.

I want to,
But I can’t,
To see him again,
To know that look of love.

But He will see me,
And He will know,
Every moment I have lived apart from Him.
None of it was hidden From His eyes.

He will see me,
And He will know,
Every piece of my heart that was given away,
Every idol that took His place.

He will see and he will know
I cannot bear.

If he rejects me?
Turns me away?
If he’s angry, I deserve it.

But to live with His disappointment . .
Burning in my heart . . .
THAT, above all else, I could not bear,
And that is why I CANNOT go home.

© 2012, Zoe Gregg (Aisling Beatha). All rights reserved.

I honestly think his fear was of living with his father’s disappointment.  But the thing is, he didn’t need to be afraid of that.  Read the father’s response, grabbing up his robes and running.  I really would suggest you read that story again in Luke 15, but if you don’t have time don’t panic, because I shall bring you that part of the story next week with a fresh set of eyes.

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