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Saturday, May 20, 2017

School Governing

This week I did something for the last time. And it will be the first of many last times.

I am looking towards a house move later this year that will take me away from the area we currently live in and away from a number of things I have either been involved in, or places we have enjoyed visiting.  We already have some "last times" planned for visiting places, but this week was different.

In anticipation of our move I have handed in my resignation as School Governor, effective at the end of this academic year, in July.  A quick note for my American readers, our school year runs from the beginning of September to the middle of July, for more details on schooling over here, check out my previous post that goes into more detail: English Schooling.

What is a School Governor?
Almost anyone over 18 can be a governor. Governors play a vital role in shaping the education of young people by helping to set the ethos, vision and strategy for schools.

In our school the governors are set up to be a team of 10 who meet twice every term (3 terms in a school year), the first meeting being the one where we look at finances, health and safety, site and facilities, child protection, basically all the stuff that makes the teaching possible.  Then in the other meeting later in the term we look at performance and standards, what's going well in terms of the teaching and learning, where there are problems and what we are doing about them.  Governors are also involved in school between meetings, in meetings with key members of staff for any link roles they have, as well as observing the monitoring of lessons by the senior leadership team.

I still have meetings in school to do and even some training to undertake, but this week was the last Business meeting that I will be part of. I don't think it has really hit me yet, that I will be leaving this group of incredible people behind.  I'm not just talking about the governors team, I am talking about the whole staff of the school, we have over 400 children, and a large number of both teaching and support staff, and every single one of them works really hard to give these children the best education possible in what are often difficult circumstances.

I have been proud to be part of this school and part of this team, I truly think they are the best.
Windmill Primary School

When was the last time you did something for what you knew would be the last time?

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