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Saturday, September 02, 2017

Effy's September Blog Along - What's happening?

I know, it's the 2nd of September so I am a day late starting this, but that's what happens when you don't check people's blogs every day, you miss stuff like this.  What's a Blog along?  I'll let Effy explain:
There are no ‘rules’ other than one: Blog. Every day. In September. That’s it. Give it a go. Dust off that old blogger account. Spiffy up your Start a blog! Or a Tumblr. Or use Facebook or Instagram as your platform. As for what to write about, well, write about you. What’s on your heart? What are you thinking about? Where would you like to be in five years? What’s cooking in your kitchen? What are you ordering in? Keep it as light or as heavy as you want. This is your time to shine.
So there you have it.  Will I complete the month?  Who knows, maybe, and if I do maybe I will go the extra day and do 1st October to make up for missing yesterday.

For today let me fill you in on life around here:

Our eldest son is away working with a ministry that does all sorts of things with music, theatre and dance.  He's their stage manager and works on all sorts of projects with them, including their upcoming major musical tour of Luv Esther.  He is living by faith in order to do this and sometimes things are tight financially but he has committed to stay with them until the tour is finished and then he will see what he wants to do from there.

Our youngest completed his undergraduate degree and is now a GRADUATE, YAY!  He completed this despite being diagnosed with two major chronic digestive conditions since he began his course.  He has had a surgery during that time, which later failed, and now lives with those conditions and is on maximum medication possible.  Despite all that he came out with a really good grade and will soon be off to Sheffield University to complete a Masters degree in Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology.

Hubby is still working at the same company he has been at for the last 20 years or so.  He is being considered for Technical lead for a project for an American company so may end up making some overseas trips in the next year or so.  Wish I could afford to go with him, but even if the company pays for my ticket, the government counts that as a payment in kind and we have to pay tax on the cost of the ticket, so we would not be able to afford it. 🙁

I'm still working as a School Lay Worker for the Methodist church in a school that is a joint church school between Church of England and Methodist.  Although school starts back on Tuesday I don't have to be in school until the 3rd week of term.  So I'm catching up on my planning and so on.  If anyone has any thoughts on a prayer space based on the journeys made by some of the men who were involved in the very beginnings of Methodism please share.
I have also joined weight watchers back at the beginning of the school summer break and so far have lost 1 st 7.5 pounds in 5.5 weeks.  For my American friends, each stone is 14 pounds, so that is 21.5 pounds.  I am fully aware that this pace of loss cannot continue but I am making the most of it while it happens.

So that's it for today.  I'll be writing about all sorts of stuff over the course of the month, I'll share some of my art work, some of my creative writing, maybe some weight watchers recipes, and more of what is going on in our lives as well as whatever comes up.  So check back in, the plan is, I will be here every day!

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  1. what a busy family you have! sounds exciting.

    1. Not as busy as you might think. I forgot to mention that my job in school is only 7 hours per week. Which I average out across the school year. so some weeks I am in every day and other weeks I'm only in for an afternoon.


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