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Monday, September 04, 2017

What Do You No Longer Believe - Effy's September Blog Along Day 3

I am going to continue to be a day behind Effy's prompts for a while at least.
Today’s Nudge: Write about something you used to believe that you no longer believe and how that shift in belief has changed things for you. 

Oh my word, there are sooooo many things I could write here and some of it is SO complicated.
I'll be upfront because I know that not everyone involved in the Blog Along is the same, I am a Christian.  BUT I feel like I need to say something like "I'm not THAT sort of Christian."  Putting this out here, in written form is a risk, but I'm doing it because I need to get this out somehow.

I used to believe that the Bible was the word of God, every word of it, that it was all truth, not just truth for when it was written but truth for now.  I still believe in God, I am still a Christian, but I have come to a place of understanding that the Bible is a complicated creature, that contains all sorts of literature.  We would never attempt to understand a piece of poetry in the same way we try to understand a writing of history or science.  We wouldn't interpret a biography in the same way that we interpret a piece of fiction based in a particular period of history.  

I believe the Bible contains many words of God, but I also believe that the process of taking those stories that had been passed down through many oral traditions, and collating them into a written form, was a process that was controlled by people, mainly men and mainly men in positions of power of some sort.  I believe that the later decisions over what would be included in the Bible and what would not was also a process that was controlled by a group of powerful men.

I have learnt to look at history through a lens of "Who wrote this?" The truth is that it is the victors, the people who are the ones in power, who have traditionally been the ones to control what is written as history.  I look at certain parts of the bible in a similar way now, "who wrote this" "what were they trying to communicate?" "Who were they trying to communicate to?"  "What was the context they were writing in?" "when did it happen?" "how long after that was it written down?" and so on.

I also believe it is possible to be Gay and Christian, I did not always believe that, yeah I know, I was a pretty sucky person back then who believed what she was told rather than seeking truth for herself.  I believe it is possible to be Trans and be Christian, I believe in Gay Marriage.  I know that not everyone who is a Christian believes the same things, I know that not everyone who attends the same church I do, believes the same things. I believe that makes being part of that church complicated but not at this time impossible, because I believe in the 4th of my 5 mottoes for this year (see below) and I will continue to try to understand where they are coming from and find the common ground that we do have.

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  1. Anonymous12:40 pm

    I found your blog via Effy's blog group. I admire you for writing your truth, ,and your mottoes have given me an idea for my next blog words of the year. I can't get it to accept my credentials...I am at

    1. I look forward to reading that post.

  2. Oh, Zoe. This is such a brave post. <3 I think the world opened up in new and beautiful ways to me when I came to this same conclusion about the Bible. It was liberating to say the least! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Effy. It's even braver when you realise one of the major churches is my employer. I'm fairly sure they would be ok with this, but you never know.


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